Number Formatter

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Number Fromatter

Custom Parameters:
    • Locale: Often the order a day, month, and year is written depends on the locale. For example, if you use en-US, which is the abbreviation for the US, your date will be written in MM/DD/YY format, but if you use en-GB, which is the abbreviation for the UK, the format will look more like DD/MM/YY. 
    • compactDisplay
        • Short: 
        • Long: 
    • currency :  
    • currencyDisplay :  
        • Symbol: 
        • narrowSymbol: 
    • currencySign:
        • best fit: 
        • lookup: 
    • notation
        • standard
        • engineering
    • numberingSystem
    • signDisplay
        • exceptZero
        • always
        • never 
        • auto
    • unit
    • unitDisplay
        • long
        • short
        • narrow
    • useGrouping
        • standard
    • Digits
        • minimumIntegerDigits:
        • minimumFractionDigits:
        • maximumFractionDigits
        • minimumSignificantDigits:

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