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The Material UI Element is invisible unless you hover over it so in most situations you will want to add an element inside of it to maximize its use.

In this example I've added padding and a background color to the Tooltip element so you can see its size.

The Tooltip will only appear in Preview mode when you hover over the element it surrounds.


In the State tab of the right hand panel, you will be able to edit the following properties:


This property changes the text that appears in the tooltip


This property determines where the tooltip will appear in relation to the element it surrounds.


This property determines whether or not the popup tooltip has an arrow pointing back to its source.

Enter and Leave Delays

These determine the number of milliseconds the tooltip will wait before appearing on hover. 


If this attribute is set to false the tooltip that appears will not be interactive and it will disappear as soon as the element it surrounds is not hovered over. 

If this attribute is set to true the user can interact with the tooltip and hovering over the tooltip will prolong its appearance.

Is controlled

This attribute allows you to set when the tooltip opens and removes the default onHover behavior. You will need to add the action setOpen to the tooltip to enable new behavior:


This attribute will allow the Tooltip to default as open or not, but in order for it to work you need to also have isControlled set to true

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