Working in a Branch

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Creating a Branch

To create a branch, click the dropdown next to the name of your app on the top panel and type the name of your new branch.  To create the branch, click the panel that says "Create ${name-of-branch} from ${name-of-parent-branch}". This will automatically redirect you to your new branch.

Committing to your Branch

In the Studio no changes will be saved to your branch until you hit the save button. The save will create a new version that can be tracked.

Saving a copy change

Merging a Branch With No Conflicts

If there are no merge conflicts you can merge to the parent branch by clicking the purple "Merge" link in Branching Mode. After merging, the studio will redirect you to the parent branch with the new changes already merged in.

Merging a Branch With Conflicts

If there are merge conflicts in your branch, the brand mode will look like this:

To discover where the conflict is and choose how to fix it, click the purple "Resolve" link and you will come to a screen that looks like this:

The area that has a conflict is indicated by three arrows encapsulating the different versions. The current branch's changes will appear in purple while the parent's version will appear in blue. You may choose to either use the version in the current branch by clicking "Use Ours" or the version in the parent branch by clicking "Use Theirs." 
Once you have resolved all merge conflicts the branch panel will indicate that there are 0 conflicts and offer the option to "Merge" with a purple link.

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