How do I define Publish Settings for my Freshworks App

Modified on Thu, 03 Nov 2022 at 03:53 PM

Publish Settings for a project capture necessary information to successfully build and publish your app. Click on the ⚙️ icon on the top right corner, and a pop up window appears with the following sections. ( Note: Sections with an * are mandatory.)


Provide a one-line overview so you can quickly describe your app to someone or your future self! Eg: “Fetch the most recent orders for this customer and display next to the ticket”.


Elaborate on the overview further with necessary details including what the app does, pre-requisites, caveats, etc. Eg: “Identifies the customer from the current ticket and fetches the most recent 5 open orders using their email address. Will display a Show More link when there are more than 5 orders.”.

Support Email Address

An email address where users can reach out to you to get support.

Application icon

A icon in SVG format of dimensions 64 * 64 pixels. You can download a Sample Icon from here. Users will identify the app using this icon.


The domain of your Freshdesk or Freshservice subscription. If you have logged into Uiflow from the Freshworks developer portal, you can select the domain from a drop-down.

Install Parameters

A JSON representation of the settings that your app wants to allow your users to configure for your app at the time of installation. . You can learn more about defining install parameters for your app here. If your app is not requiring any parameters at this time, you can just set this field to {} to represent an empty object.

Here’s an example of the JSON Object that renders as fields in the Installation page:

Whitelisted Domains

A list of URLs that you want to allow your app to make API requests to. This ensures the app can only make requests to certain URLs approved by you as a developer. 

If you’re making an API call to, add to the list. Additionally, wild cards are supported to enable you to whitelist all subdomains of a parent. For example, an app wants to make a request to multiple Freshdesk accounts like,, and so on. You can just add https://* to whilst list all those domains.

You can just leave this field as it is ( [] ) - an empty list If your app is not making API requests.

Here’s an example of whitelisting a Freshdesk URL:


Apps that authenticate users using OAuth2 will need to fill this. You can learn more about how to define this for your app here. If your app is not planning on using this, you can just skip this for now.

Once you are done filling the fields in the form, click on the Save button……

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